Attorney Allan R. Pearlman helps taxpayers, both individuals and businesses, who are being hunted by the IRS get out of trouble. He started his life as a lawyer telling federal appeals judges how he thought they should decide when he worked as a staff attorney for the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. He also worked as a Senior Court Attorney for the New York State Supreme Court.

In 2013, he was appointed Chair of the Committee on Taxation at New York County Lawyers’ Association, where he continues to serve.

In private practice he is sometimes a lawyer’s lawyer representing members of the profession as well as collaborating on their cases.

He has litigated issues ranging from medical malpractice and commercial contracts to free speech/First Amendment questions.

Advocating for taxpayers he has succeeded in what other tax professional thought was impossible: obtaining the restoration of rare and valuable appeals rights which had been wrongfully taken away by the bad behavior of the IRS (it later apologized — seehttp://arpearlmanlaw.com/news.html).

He has a free special report to help taxpayers stay out of trouble — or to start getting out of the trouble they might already be in — titled, “7 Big Mistakes Taxpayers Make and How to Avoid Them to (Legally) Keep the IRS Out of Your Wallet, Out of Your Bank Account, and Out of Your Paycheck.” Copies are available by clicking here.

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