Hollywood Nut to Hollywood Nut: Here’s $100K, Now Pay Your Taxes!

In a moment of apparent clarity and largesse, actor Charlie Sheen, a recent star of the television hit comedy, Two and a Half Men, and now starring in Anger Manage­ment, gave controversial actress Lindsay Lohan $100,000 to help pay down her blockbuster-sized tax debt.

Sheen and Lohan worked together recently, filming Scary Movie 5. According to TMZ, which first reported this story, Lohan used Sheen’s money for its intended purpose: paying Uncle Sam’s meaner cousin, the IRS.

Lohan, whose off-screen personal dramas have sometimes out shown her considerable talent as an actress, allegedly owed the IRS $233,904 in back taxes for 2009 and 2010, TMZ reported.

With Sheen’s gift, Lohan has substantially reduced the tax debt TMZ says she has (what a big bite she got to take out of that balance due!), though interest and penalty continue to accrue on that part which is still unpaid and past due.



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One thought on “Hollywood Nut to Hollywood Nut: Here’s $100K, Now Pay Your Taxes!

  1. I hope he gets a fair trial, and I hope Sesame Street is not complicit in the acitvites if they were illegal. Frankly, though it’s none of our business if they were BOTH consenting adults. FTR I grew up loving Sesame Street and looked forward to sharing it with my girls when they came along, but I don’t even let them watch it now, mostly b/c of Elmo, and I cannot stand Abby and her flying fairy schoolWTF! Sesame street, just play your old reruns from the past 30 years, we’ll all be better off. Maybe this’ll give us a nice break from that annoying little red S#it.

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