The Sin of Snipes, Replayed: Mayor Pleads Guilty to Failing to File Tax Return

The mayor of Mount Vernon, N.Y., just north of Manhattan, has pleaded guilty to failing to file corporate and personal income tax returns. Failing to file tax returns is the same crime for which Hollywood film star Wesley Snipes famously was convicted and for which he spent nearly three years in federal prison.

Mayor Ernest D. Davis, 76, faces up to two years in prison as a result of his plea agreement.

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Paper Faker Nabbed: $1.8 Million Phony Tax Refunds Grabbed

For all the fear and anxiety people suffer in the run up to April 15th and the filing of tax returns, lots of taxpayers look forward to the refund to which they are entitled from the IRS as reported in their tax return. But, imagine you were not entitled to that so desirable refund, but a refund was coming to you anyway?

It would be like Christmas in April. Imagine that (indeed, rumor has it that John Lennon’s hit song, Imagine, left out the line “Imagine all the tax refunds….”)

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Letter from the Editor (Post-Mayan Apocalypse Fizzle): A New Life for the Newsletter, Life, Law & Taxes

(From the vault: A slightly different version of this post was published in the paper newsletter, sent to subscribers through the regular U.S. mail, in January 2013, on the occasion of the paper newsletter being revived to monthly publication, after a hiatus.)

It has been a while since the last edition of the through-the-regular-snail-mail Life, Law and Taxes, was completed and mailed out to you.

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NY Court of Appeals Swats and


The New York Court of Appeals (the state’s highest court) rejected and’s challenge to the New York State tax law allowing New York to require the internet retail giants to collect and pay sales tax from sales made through affiliates posting links on their websites. Continue reading

Hollywood Nut to Hollywood Nut: Here’s $100K, Now Pay Your Taxes!

In a moment of apparent clarity and largesse, actor Charlie Sheen, a recent star of the television hit comedy, Two and a Half Men, and now starring in Anger Manage­ment, gave controversial actress Lindsay Lohan $100,000 to help pay down her blockbuster-sized tax debt.

Sheen and Lohan worked together recently, filming Scary Movie 5. According to TMZ, which first reported this story, Lohan used Sheen’s money for its intended purpose: paying Uncle Sam’s meaner cousin, the IRS.

Lohan, whose off-screen personal dramas have sometimes out shown her considerable talent as an actress, allegedly owed the IRS $233,904 in back taxes for 2009 and 2010, TMZ reported.

With Sheen’s gift, Lohan has substantially reduced the tax debt TMZ says she has (what a big bite she got to take out of that balance due!), though interest and penalty continue to accrue on that part which is still unpaid and past due.



NYS Tax Obligations for Businesses Conducting Commerce on the Internet

New Continuing Legal Education Program at New York County Lawyers Association

 NYS Tax Obligations for Businesses Conducting Commerce on the Internet

This Event is Postponed to Tuesday January 15, 2013 Due to the Disruptions Caused by Hurricane Sandy

Tuesday, November 13, 2012, New Date: Tuesday, January 15, 2013 6:00 PM –9:00 PM
Member Price:                                        $125
Non-Member Attorney Price:             $175

Law Office Staff:                                     $15


Intended Audience: Attorneys with clients doing business or considering doing business on the internet; also business owners, entrepreneurs, web site owners, designers, developers, who might have tax issues arising from doing business on the internet.

Non-lawyers (no CLE) may attend the program for $15. Register above as “Law Office Staff.”

Location: 2nd Floor Auditorium

Course ID: C121132011

Number of Sessions: 1

Credits: 3 MCLE Credits: Breakdown tbd
3 MCLE Credits

Course Description:

Gain an overview of the New York State  sales tax obligations for New York based businesses engaged in  commerce on the Internet. A panel of experts will explore many of the interesting issues and  “wrinkles” that arise during the course of the transactions.


Program Co-sponsors: NYCLA’s Cyberspace Committee and NYCLA’s Taxation Committee

Program Chairs: Allan R. Pearlman, Co-Chair, NYCLA’s Cyberspace Committee and Megan L. Brackney, Kostelanetz & Fink, LLP,  Chair, NYCLA’s Taxation Committee

Faculty:  James Connolly,  Department of Taxation and Finance’s Office of Counsel; Timothy P. Noonan, Hodgson Russ LLP;  Lance Rothenberg, Hodgson Russ.

Go to

or to register.

New Guide for Litigants and Counsel Needing Discovery in New York for Their Case Outside New York

It happens more often than attorneys or their clients want: they have a law suit pending and as they are gathering information, facts, records, witnesses and testimony getting ready for trial, one of the witnesses is someplace else.

For example, the  witness is in New York, even though the case is in Pennsylvania or Florida, California or Toronto, or anywhere else outside New York.

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